My Best Podcast Shows for a Brain Upgrade

Received two emails this week asking what my top three podcast shows are. The ones I listen to the most.

Weird coincidence, I guess.

So I thought I would expand the love in this weeks newsletter.

I listen to a lot of podcast shows.

I’m always seeking out new ones to add to my catalog.

I may dislike video instructional learning, but I love podcasts.

To be a polymath: one needs to draw ideas and inspirations from a wide array of disciplines across entirely different markets.

Reading is one way to do this. Listening to a variety of podcasts is another, and perhaps the most fun.

Note: I’ve tried to categorize the podcasts as best I can, but most of them transverse disciplines and topics (hence why I listen to them). So take the categorization with a pinch of salt.

Personal Mastery & Performance:

(The top three shows are the podcasts I listen to daily.)

Book Reviews (variety of nonfiction books):

Creativity and Life:

Health & Wellbeing (and so much more):

Business & Entrepreneurship:

AI & Tech:

Mind & Society:

Narrative-Based Documentaries (all nonfiction):


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (start with Wrath of the Khans Series)
  • The Story (by narrated by Alec Baldwin)

These should keep you busy.

The podcast app I use (and love!) is PodcastRepublic. I use on Andrioid. I use iTunes for PC :

It’s free

Download the app, then click the (+) button to search for a new podcast. Search by name for any of the shows listed above, then add.

Done. Real easy.

That’s it for now.

Make some magic happen.